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Julia Gabriel 

My recent artistic endeavors blend my lifelong passion for sewing, cultivated since the tender age of 12, with a profound interest in photography and travel. In weaving together traditional craft techniques with modern iconography and processes, I strive to craft pieces that exude a timeless quality, marrying the essence of the past with a contemporary flair. Picture a fusion of pop-art aesthetics meeting the comforting nostalgia of your cherished grandmother's quilt.


In a world where much of our art resides behind glass, I find joy in introducing warm textiles to the walls, encouraging a sense of approachability. I use fabric to manipulate or distort an image, prompting viewers to engage with it in a fresh context. What might seem like a simple image transforms into something complex and emotionally charged through the interplay of color, layering, and hand stitching.


This process, though time-consuming, serves as a therapeutic sanctuary for me. Recently uprooted from Houston to a quaint rural town in the Texas Hill Country as a result of Covid, my family and I have undergone significant life changes. This transition, though challenging, has proven to be remarkably rewarding. The intricate and contemplative nature of my work mirrors this transformative process, becoming a catalyst for healing in unexpected ways.


The art I create is not merely a visual expression but a reflection of my personal evolution and the healing journey spurred by this major life shift. Through the intricate interplay of fabric, color, and technique, my work stands as a testament to the profound impact of art on the soul, offering solace and renewal amidst life's twists and turns.

Artwork Collection

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