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The Art of Hearing What isn't Said.JPG

Gregory Gove

"I have a preoccupation with the field of energy that connects us, and all of the universe. My process is largely an attempt to interact with, and translate higher frequencies of being, visually, from my unique perspective.


A major theme in my work is the relationship between tension & flow. I wrestle with the balance between states of anxiety and of meditative bliss, but with the hope of achieving a sort of rhythmic dance between the two. My process, as I see it, is a sort of meditation and catharsis, and is as much the point of the work as the end product. A goal of mine is for viewers to feel a sense of balance,  movement, playful inspiration and peace.


I’m inspired by so many things in my physical environment as well, such as the terrain, the architecture, letterforms logos & signage among other things. Monuments, temples and religious iconography are touchstones of power for me as well."

Artwork Collection

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