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Kym Day

Kym is a realist oil painter from McKinney, Texas, but raised in Georgia and the Carolinas. She currently works in her home studio in Greenville, SC.  

Rooted in realism, and steeped in dream logic, the Western-infused imagery points to my roots and early childhood in Texas, and I aim to imbue the work with a sense of wonder, in an attempt to reaccess my childhood imagination.

“I’ve forever been drawn to the motif of the horse, perhaps the inherent call of the horseless horse-girl, and growing up, my father’s John Wayne film collection kept my mind filled with cowboys. As a kid, my bicycle became my trusty steed named Nancy, after Nancy Drew.”

The painted daydreams often entail visitations by curious horses, sometimes found sneaking through an empty house, celebrating a birthday with other livestock, or relaxing poolside.

“My techniques and use of realism reflect my interest in art historical symbolism. The cowboys and livestock in my work often find themselves subject to dream logic, navigating diversions like takeout food, wildfires, and magic eight balls. These operate as metaphors for the junk we consume and create, and our vain desire to see into the future.”

“My paintings filter the nostalgia for my Texan roots through the lenses of pop culture, daydream, and fantasy. I find utter joy in merging beauty with absurdity.” 

Artwork Collection

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