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Selena Koliopoulos

I am Chicago born and South Floridan raised since I was 4. I draw immense inspiration from growing up in south Florida. You’ll see lots of fruits and little birds and even clothing in my art that I pull from my surroundings. My Papou (grandpa) is the muse behind a lot of what I do. When he immigrated from Greece in the 50s he started a milk business and was a real milk man. My clothing brand “Milk” is inspired by his story and the long term imprint he’s left on my heart. My family takes a bit of a different shape than others but we are one full of love. I have two girls and my partner has a son. Together we are five! I love life with them. We’re sort of awkward and weird and love it. We embrace that we look different and we’re proud. - Read More 

Artwork Collection

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