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Shawna Stroup Billet Painting Shot.jpg
Desert Dream Shawna Stroup Billet_edited.jpg

Shawna Billet

Shawna Billet is a mixed media artist with a strong passion for travel, hiking, nature, and creation. Her works begin with an inspiring hike or experience through travel, that leads to a photograph, sketch, or memory. Those experiences and scenes later transcend through her work with the use of vibrant color, expressive line, and texture. 

Shawna is a graduate of Cleveland State University in Ohio with a major in art and minor in education.  She has been creating and exhibiting her work since 2005 and serves as an art educator in a high school.  Her strong belief in creating quality education for her students also serves purpose in the creation of her personal works.  Her works have been exhibited in several galleries in Cleveland and Canton, Ohio. 

In 2013, Shawna became a resident of Houston and began exhibiting her works in galleries throughout the area along with Galveston, Dallas, The Woodlands, and Austin. In 2021 she proudly exhibited at the Texas State Capitol along with four other chosen artists.  Although Shawna has a wide range of styles, approaches, and techniques, her most recent works reflect her admiration of western landscapes that she has discovered through the National Parks, and she hopes her viewers can feel the energy and beauty of those experiences through her work.

Artwork Collection

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