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Bill Quinn

Bill Quinn is a painter & artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Having lived between the mountains of Colorado, the jungles of Nicaragua, and the city sprawl of Brooklyn, Bill brings a sense of movement and a curiosity of life & death to his work. 

Quinn’s latest series is a serene meditation on the chaos of consciousness. Familiar textures, subliminal messages, and dream-like idyllic western symbols collide in coded harmony. Where is the boundary between dreams, daytime, and psychedelic wanderings? Does each exist only because of the others? 


Quinn’s process involves a relentless layering and unlayering of sensorial textures, cohesive colors, broad strokes, fine details, and childlike movement. The final image is not merely juxtaposition, but a deviant wholeness that never existed before these elements were invited to interact.

Artwork Collection

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