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Kristen Moore

“Anyone in the gallery or art business will tell you it’s an affair of the heart, and after surviving the starving artist phase, I think that passion starts flowing into some really beautiful works. I decided to embrace the solitude and just dive into myself to focus on my artwork, and I think I have finally found my groove."

The subjects in Moore’s acrylic paintings vary-abstracts, animals, angels, landscapes and florals, she prefers to paint with acrylics on large canvas.

“I love color, and use it in unexpected ways - I mean, what’s better than a hot pink horse?! I like bringing a sense of whimsy and childlike simplicity to my subjects - I paint abstracts of places I have traveled with just my memory of what the colors felt like to me."

Moore participates with YardArt, Truewest +  BRDG Gallery, Cherry Hillls Barn Party and the Art Student’s League Summer Art Market (when in town), but sells mainly through annual private shows (to get on the list, send her an email or follow her work on instagram@gallerygirl303).  Additional representation by CODA design in Cherry Creek, Kate FInds Art, The Denver Art Company, and Vinauro Gallery in Granada, Spain.

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