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Gianna Tesone

Gianna Tesone is a contemporary abstract painter and multimedia artist based in New York City. She is influenced by color theory, movement, texture, and the interplay and tension of juxtaposing elements. Her work is informed by impressionism, abstract expressionism and neo-expressionism. 

From working in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, spray paint, pastels, graphite and repurposing of material, and learning traditional art making methods and gaining classical training in a formal education, Tesone's practice has evolved from impressionism and classical realism to research-informed abstract expressionism by way of recent scientific influence. She holds a BFA, specializing in painting technique, creative theory and art history and has studied under and been mentored by artist Ty Nathan Clark. She has exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States and will be attending international artist residencies and participating in national and international exhibitions in 2024. Over the last five years, Tesone has integrated herself into cross-cultural and interdisciplinary fields within the fine arts, art business, public events and educational environments. Her work has expanded by way of public art projects, creative direction, project management, teaching workshops, non-profit fundraising and youth educational initiatives. She has collaborated with other creatives, musicians, designers and entrepreneurs in San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, Aspen, Minneapolis and Miami and is actively building her own business initiative within the curatorial and marketing landscape of New York City. 

Gianna Tesone's work is a translation of visceral and emotional impressions into bold and intuitively orchestrated compositions of color, movement and texture. Informed by scientific research and personal experience, Tesone analyzes the unfolding patterns of human behavior, power of perception as the convergence of design, color psychology, cognitive neuroscience, philosophy and physiology feeds into her expressionist work. Through use of captivating forms, grotesque but playful texture and emotionally charged color within vast, looming negative space, it calls attention to how paradigms alter belief while addressing the deficiency of human perception and the importance of integrating and experiencing elemental harmonization. In a world over saturated with noise and high demands to analyze, perform and produce, this work is an invitation to the viewer to simply ponder and allow the mind to engage in experiencing a new perspective. With subtle symbolic reference to human anatomy and poetic connections to the pathos of the human experience decorated by love and loss, the work serves as a regenerative exploration of unseen, but deeply felt beauty. 

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