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New Series Launching July 25th

I attended Marshall University for Art & Design. Then, against my parents’ better judgment, I decided to take a break from school.

That break turned into a few years — I moved across the country to Houston, learned from a few mistakes, and found an entirely new appreciation for all things creative after waiting tables to make ends meet. In the midst of that, I started Sugar & Cloth in September of 2011. Things only got more interesting once I introduced navigating parenthood to my life lessons when my daughter, Gwen was born in January of 2018!

A few years later, I had another daughter, Luca and learned that managing two was a whole ‘nother ball game to parenting.

Despite the juggling work and kids, I always dreamt of also owning my own event space. I finally had the courage to do so after the encouragement of my mom’s last words.

So in 2022, The Juliana finally became a reality and a namesake homage to my mother.


Ashley Rose  

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