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At Southern Kindness Gallery, we are dedicated to enriching spaces through art by partnering with a variety of establishments to create unique and engaging cultural experiences. Our projects include quarterly rotating art galleries, sourcing and facilitating muralists for custom murals, and assisting in the purchase of artwork for commercial spaces. Each initiative is designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the venue while supporting local artists and fostering community engagement.

We are always seeking new opportunities to partner with establishments that value art and culture. If you are interested in exploring a collaboration, we invite you to contact us and learn more about how we can bring a unique artistic dimension to your space.

Southern Kindness Gallery has recently partnered with Tavola Restaurant, an upscale Italian eatery created by the renowned Berg Hospitality Group and The Bastion Collection. This collaboration has led to the creation of a quarterly rotating art gallery within Tavola, featuring five pieces from a selected artist during each rotation. This initiative culminates in an exclusive luncheon event, providing an enriching cultural experience that integrates fine dining with contemporary art.


Southern Kindness Gallery is proud to highlight our collaboration with Maximo, a modern Mexican restaurant recently opened in West University and owned by the visionary behind Local Foods. Maximo is dedicated to offering a menu that celebrates the rich bounty of the Gulf Coast region through locally sourced ingredients. Our project with Maximo involved sourcing and selling two exquisite works of art and commissioning two additional paintings that are now available for sale.


Southern Kindness Gallery is delighted to present our collaboration with Julep, a James Beard Award-winning cocktail bar celebrated for its dedication to quality, style, and the diverse flavors of Houston. Our recent project involved curating and hanging a selection of art pieces for Julep’s prestigious Derby event, where the artwork will be on display for an additional month. This initiative aims to enhance the bar's elegant ambiance while offering patrons a unique cultural experience.


Southern Kindness Gallery is excited to present our collaboration with The Ranch at Rodeo, Houston's only restaurant pop-up located in the largest tent for the Houston Rodeo season. Our recent project involved curating and hanging over 20 contemporary western art pieces, transforming the space into a vibrant and culturally rich environment. This initiative aims to enhance the dining and social experience for patrons during the bustling rodeo season.

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