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Adam Anglin

Adam Anglin is a fine artist and musician living and working in Denver, Colorado. His work explores connections between the natural world and synthetic forms. Combining the influence of artists from various abstract movements (ex. abstract expressionism, non-objective, color field, etc) with mountainous landscapes and southwestern iconography. Adam's work is an examination of how two distinct art expressions can exist together in harmony.

"Connecting abstract compositions with natural elements (landscapes) helps me fuse two seemingly disconnected worlds. These two expressions are bound by the foundational elements of beauty and part of a deeper mystery rooted in creation. Whether we are expressing ourselves in abstract forms or natural forms, we can’t escape our longing for beauty. My hope is to pull the viewer into this mystery, to enjoy the beauty woven into all of life." - Adam Anglin

With a background in graphic design, all of Adam’s work starts digitally in the composition phase before moving into painting. This process allows him space to consider the composition and color relationships that will best serve the piece.

Artwork Collection

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