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Artist: Ana Sneeringer - learn more

Material: Mix media on canvas (acrylic + oil stick)

Size: 52.5’’ x 77.5’’


Description: I painted this artwork for three weeks in the corner of my garage in cold and warm weather. I kept coming back to it every single day for hours. It was my first artwork that had been exhibited in the state of Alabama, since I moved in April 2022 to the USA. I’ve painted this artwork with thought in mind what the lyrics of the song are saying. "It’s true that you really can never feel the feels I feel and opposite." We can try to understand and love each other for who we are without judgment.

The inspiration guides were the color and the song. 
Pantone Color: Very Peri and Song: Livin' in the Life by The Isley Bros. 


Payment Options: Accepts bank and wire transfers, email us at with your preferred method 


Shipping Policy: A $50 Flat Rate Charge will be applied to your order. Exact shipping cost will be finalized through a separate invoice that will need to be paid before item is shipped.





New Dawn

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