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Artist: Lauren Kelp

Size: 24" x 30"

Description: spray paint, acrylic, resin, and various other mixed media on canvas



“You are hatching” he said as I tried to articulate the grueling and complicated process of healing from emotional trauma. Those words echoed in my head…“you are hatching”

Three perfect words that summed up all the pain and agony and delight and relief and heartbreak and terror I was currently experiencing. Here I was, busting through this homemade shell I had cobbled together from years of trying to protect myself and while that shell was so safe, it was so small and so cramped and so limiting and there was not a lot of room for play or for delight or for magic...and so, I hatched. 

This body of work is deeply inspired by the painfully beautiful process of breaking out of limiting beliefs with nothing but faith in yourself and the path ahead to go on. 

Hatching No. 3

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