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Bull Skull ll

Bull Skull ll


Artist: David Krovblit - learn more

Size: 36"x36"x3"


Description: Inspired by the artist’s first visit to the desert in Southern California, Bull Skull II delves into the intersection of nature, nostalgia, and resilience. The desert backdrop within the porthole frames the skull, creating a visual portal into a realm where time stands still; a landscape shaped by both harsh realities and enduring beauty. Through the juxtaposition of the skull against the arid expanse, viewers are invited to reflect on the interconnectedness of life, death, and rebirth. The bull skull, itself is a powerful symbol of strength and fragility, capturing the essence of life's cyclical nature.Enclosed within the circular confines of the porthole, a window is implied that looks into the interconnectedness of life - past, present, and future. This implication and visual application of ‘threes' is a common motif in Krovblit’s pieces. For instance, three dragonflies surround the bull skull, which are also symbols of change and transformation.The interplay of vintage botanicals and the stoic bull skull within the porthole serves as a visual metaphor for the intricate dance of life, encouraging observers to explore the intricate tapestry of existence and find solace in the perpetual cycle of growth and renewal.

Materials: Paper, wood, gel medium and resin



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