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Gabriel Portillo

Gabriel Portillo — also known as “Paste” — is a visual artist based in Austin, Texas. Growing up in Alpine, Texas, Gabriel studied under local artist, Charlie Bell, which sparked his love for creating. His interest in art continued into his adolescence and throughout junior high and high school and credits his art teacher, Mrs. Jane Becker, for being a positive force in his art education. Intrigued by the street-art scene, Gabriel moved to Austin after college, where he transitioned into the role of a full-time muralist. Although inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, his west Texas roots have cumulated in a style he calls “Western Psychedelia.” His work ranges from portraiture, landscapes, and non-representational abstraction. Gabriel considers most mediums to be “up for grabs” when it comes to creating, but his new studio paintings are mostly oil paint and mixed media. His body of work highlights his skill and versatility, tied together with many hours of thoughtful, creative work.

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