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Sleep What you Sow

Sleep What you Sow


Artist: Jade Tantillo 

Size: 36" x 36" 

PLEASE NOTE: This piece is being displayed at The Ranch at the Rodeo from 2/27-3/17th during Houston Rodeo season. Any purchases will be available for shipping and/or pickup the week of March 18th.



Description: In this new collection, each painting tells a story of the escape of - once urbanized - women yearning for tranquility, finding refuge amidst the shifting sands and impending starlit nights. The essence of the desert – its silence, its endless horizons, and its whispering winds – comes alive on canvas. The women embody strength, grace, and the quiet courage it takes to embrace peace amid the crescendoing chaos of the cityscape lifestyle. Each painting is a lullaby, a soothing melody that lulls the viewer into a state of contemplation and wonder. The juxtaposition of the implied city's frenetic energy against the calmness of the desert serves as a powerful metaphor for the duality of the modern woman – strong yet vulnerable, resilient yet in need of moments of profound stillness. Mixed media produced on museum-quality canvas (1 1/2" Bordered Wrap) framed with a unique natural barnwood slim float frame. Barnwood frames are one-of-a-kind and are produced from re-purposed wood harvested from old barns, floor boards, marine wood, and fences. 36x36