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Family Jewels

Family Jewels


Artist: Matti Made - Learn More

Description: Painting 16 X 20 oil on canvas

With Victorian antique frame 23 X 27 inches

Includes Frame *


Story: "Magen this is a true story I had a little fling with a young man. Than he ghosted me. I was not prepared for that. I felt hurt and ashamed, and blamed myself.At night I had a dream I had grown a quite large penis between my legs. I think my subconscious mind was trying to tell me; forget the guy, you have everything you need yourself, you have the family jewels. So I had to make a painting of this experience. I like to treasure hunt for antique frames for my smaller works. It seems to add a lost grandeur and poetry to the portraits. The frame for this painting came from Batten Rouge, Louisiana, maybe it holds a little voodoo


Shipping Policy: A $50 Flat Rate Charge will be applied to your order. Exact shipping cost will be finalized through a separate invoice that will need to be paid before item is shipped.

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