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Molly Magill

Molly’s work is rooted in place. In the pieces of our lives. The idea that who we are, where we come from, and where we are going is made up of many things. How we are impacted by our surroundings, our choices, our geography and its inhabitants, and the indelible moments of our lives all helps make us who we are. 

These ideas are expressed through color, shape, rhythm and texture.

Molly’s hope for her work, is that it might inspire the viewer to feel connected and confident into their own path and story. And have hope for the future. 



Molly Odom Magill is an artist living in Dallas, TX.  Hailing from West Texas and influenced by generations of a family of creatives, artists, writers, poets and musicians, Molly graduated college with a degree in design.  That family influence echoed and after 17 years, she left her corporate career to start her art studio, Cliff and Callahan. 

Molly’s studio is connected to an intersection of things - past and present, soft and bold, real and unreal, rural and urban, joy and sorrow.  She seeks to embrace and express these intersections and all the circumstances that bring us to where we are through her work.  


Molly’s  work has been seen in numerous shows throughout Texas since 2018 including juried shows with Arts Fort Worth, gallery shows in Dallas, Lockhart, and Round Top and Houston TX.  Her work is also in many private collections that span across the United States and Canada, with concentrations in Colorado, North Carolina, California, and of course, Texas.  

Artwork Collection

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