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Maria Morris 

As a child, I kept to myself and my sketchpad. A coping mechanism that would pay off later in life. After attending a 2-year fine art program in high school, I went to college to major in Art and Minor in Bible. While taking an advanced oil-painting class my senior year, I decided I was a watercolor artist. The instructor didn’t mind that I was the only one not using oils. I painted dozens of watercolor portrait commissions and sold over 150 paintings of the local people of Paraguay and Argentina while living in South America. Then life got in the way of my art, as it does for many women. I started painting again four years ago and decided I needed the flexibility that acrylic painting gives. I use (and teach) a translucent, layering process, very similar to watercolors. But the biggest change was my subject matter — I’m now a landscape artist! A portrait artist learning to paint landscapes (or vice versa) is not an easy accomplishment. But, I can’t get enough of God’s creation and the challenge to bring it justice with pigment and brushstroke.

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