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Jessica Bélisle


Jessie Bélisle is a contemporary artist from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada, living and working from Denver, Colorado, United States.

Her creative process began in 2011, while working in Montréal. Her education in the world of optics blended with her research into the visual arts. Her visual practice is fueled by her Reiki practice. Jessie has exhibited in Canada and the United States. 


Each work I create is a story. My paintings navigate in different dimensions, exploring collective thoughts, the real and UNREAL. They exist in a place where vision is superfluous and intuition is my tool. My paintings are a perfect balance between harmony and anarchy. 

Using brushes, rollers, spray paint and pastel, I work with layers applying different techniques to create depth and texture. The relationship between the different mediums is my motivation. Modern colors act also as tools, so that my paintings emulate  the rhythm of nature and life.

I translate my energy piece by piece so that each work can have it’s own effect on my viewers. Translating my knowledge as a reiki master is absolutely fundamental for me.  I am passionate about the power of colors, I am fascinated by the impact a piece will have after leaving the studio. Intention behind the creation, respects the principles of reiki, influencing the energy that the canvas will carry. The focal points determined according to a sacred geometry, applied subtly, allow the works to respect natural laws.

I create what I believe in, here and now, connecting my essence. Welcoming all universe to universe.

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